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Date: Mon 03 Mar 2003 - 04:22:16 GMT

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    >Subject: Re: memetics-digest V1 #1298
    >Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 11:03:24 -0600
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    > > On Sunday, March 2, 2003, at 11:36 AM, memetics-digest wrote:
    > >
    > > > does one not also need to assume that there is some
    > > > adjustment of the meme a bit to fit into the new heads' space
    > >
    > > Why not assume there is no meme whatsoever in there, but that the
    > > 'adjustment' is being made in extrinsic space, i.e. when the cultural
    > > action is being performed?
    > >
    > > No need to 'fit' things in, then.
    > >
    > > - Wade
    > >
    >Because if the action is observed at t1 and the observer does nothing at
    >t2 yet performs the action at t3, where is it stored? Certainly not in a
    >Kirlian aura surrounding the performer. and what happens when what
    >is observed is verbal istruction and what is later done is the action
    >described by such instruction? I haven't seen many people with
    >language-to-action translators hanging around their necks; they carry
    >them around in their heads.
    That memories are stored in the brain isn't at issue here. I perfectly happy with the memories being stored upon a neural subtrate notion and Richard Semon (followed by Karl Lashley) has given us a perfectly good term to deal with that. It's not memories (as traces) that I'd take issue with, but meme-ories.

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