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    > What is required is semantic content, that is,
    > that the information can be understood by a self-conscious awareness
    > and replicated between a multiplicity of them.

    There is no need for the _same_ information (or whatever one calls the remembered process) for one individual to perform a similar behavior as someone else. In fact, there are more than enough examples of non-identical referents producing similar artifacts and behaviors that there is no sense whatsoever to claiming the information, the semantic content if you will (although I reject that term as well), within one individual's brain be identical, or even a copy, of the information within another's.

    Similarity of behavior or artifact is all that is necessary, and culture needs only to use what is necessary to continue.

    A set of similar behaviors, within cultural contexts, are what I call memes.

    What is understood is not discernible, perhaps never will be, and certainly does not have to be identical to perform similar behaviors.

    The memeinthemind model is dependent upon a ghost.

    - Wade

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