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Date: Sun 02 Mar 2003 - 07:57:50 GMT

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    As for graduation dates, there are those who either take less than full load terms because of work and children coming into the picture and also those who enjoy school so much that they either take on a second major or they add courses beyond what's necessary for personal enrichment. Others changes majors in midstream because underwater basketweaving is a lot more fun than computer engineering. Others might shift from pre-med to some sort of biological field like wildlife conservation. These decisions could postpone graduation, yet not prevent it.

    [Jake] And don't fogey the just plain lazy bums! I'm thinking about starting a political action committee to empower lazy bums and lecherous men. Lazy bums remind us that lots of things really aren't nearly as important as we imagine them to be, even though they may err to the other extreme. And lecherous men are a such a sterling examples of the kind of the genetic tenacity that lurks in everyone's inventory somewhere. We really should take these people more seriously and stop discounting them as if they were foolish bystanders. If you put enough lazy lecherous males together they can do beautiful things, like building snow penises.


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