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Date: Fri 28 Feb 2003 - 12:42:03 GMT

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    > But at the gross level of looking at the spread of memes in
    > human culture, the invariant information rather than its physical form
    > is
    > all that is important.

    No-one has any clue what Stonehenge is _really_ there for, but we have some good ideas.

    I hold to just the opposite of the above- at any gross level, only the physical form is comprehended, and the original information is not only capable of only being deduced, but may, at any point, considering time and situation, be undeducible.

    Again, there was no-one in the Tlingit tribe that came to Harvard to examine their own tribe's artifacts that had any idea what several of them were for. The information that helped to form this artifact is gone. It is not only not invariant, it is absent, and no-one, even from the culture that created it, had any information about it.

    - Wade

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