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    >> He does not seem to think there are elements of culture. I could put
    >> in
    >> examples of someone teaching a group of kids who had never been
    >> exposed to
    >> cricket or baseball, but what's the point?
    > I don't know that it's elements of culture that Wade oposes, but
    > merely an
    > internalist stance. He'd probably be happy with an externalist sort of
    > cultural element, given my memory of his posting history on the topic.

    The elements of culture are the repeated and similar behaviors, enforced by rules and standards. But there is no proof that anything unique or 'informational' needs to be identically present in two individual brains, because any number of internal situations can produce similar behaviors, just as a straight line may be created from tracing the side of a ruler or snapping a string coated with chalk stretched between two points.

    - Wade

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