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Date: Wed 26 Feb 2003 - 20:14:30 GMT

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    > There are several groups of monkeys in Africa, I believe, who group
    > together and rub eachother's genitals, regardless of the gender of the
    > partner, for purposes many have deducted to be purely altruistic. Cats
    > rub up against their owners in exchange for a pat. Dogs will do just about
    > anything to have their stomachs rubbed, and most animals have something
    > physical that brings them either pleasure.
    > Now, with the monkeys, it makes sense that a "lesbian" population
    > exist. If, for the female of the species, sex is painful or otherwise
    > unpleasant, but simply touching each other was entertaining, "lesbianism"
    > would be a fun activity to pass your boring monkey life away.

    Hi Sabrina, Thanks for your interesting response,

    I had a little talk with the guy who did the study, Paul Vasey ( off list) and on a certain level his view tends to coincide with mine. What he says makes sense to me and that is that " those macaques prefer other females above males because the former ones already opted ( were selected for !?) for extreme sexual behavior." Vasey argues that their behavior is just a by- product. Males don 't show such behavior, only within the females ( a gene !?) arised.

    In the another context I would argue, than men ( in general) prefer young females as their mates ( something that would be cultural/ social bound and be selected for) and that thus pedophillia is a by- product_ men still prefer young mates but in cases of pedo- phillia they go to the extreme in the context of age !! It seems reasonable to suggest that pedophillia is a by- product of a larger genetic/ memetic selectionprocess.

    That would certainly coincied with the assumption that indeed men prefer young chicks due, not only they are more attractive, but be- cause of the increased level of possible procreation of the males' genes, those young ones can have more children and the chances for a healty one are on the rise. That is for men who like young girls.

    For men liking young boys, we argue that a latent form of homo- sexuality is present, but the context of being better of with a young boy than with an old beggar remains.

    In both cases, being seen with a barbiedoll of 20 or with a young stud on your arm, would certainly give rise to men's social status.



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