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From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Mon 24 Feb 2003 - 05:13:00 GMT

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    On Saturday, February 22, 2003, at 08:03 AM, memetics-digest wrote:

    > Do you have any doubt that one of the things humans do is copy
    > information?


    > Do you have any doubt that one of the things computers do is copy
    > information?


    > For *this function* (at least) a "black box" view of human and
    > computers is
    > similar.

    A + B = C, if and only if both are true.

    There is no indication that the information in my head is the same as the information in your head, and certainly there is no proof that the information in either of our heads is a _copy_ of something in someone else's.

    The black box comparison is not valid.

    - Wade

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