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Date: Sun 23 Feb 2003 - 10:32:49 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Vincent Campbell" <> Anyway, isn't the suggestion that this is sex
    > for social purposes, rather than mate selection. So like grooming which
    > occur far more frequently and far longer than strictly necessary on
    > grounds, the purpose in the formation and maintenance of social bonds.

    IIRC on Russian cargoships there were always girls around, ' state- hookers
    ' as they were called to please the men on board, so that 1, if they were in a harbor, the crew hasn 't to hit shore ( ideological reasons) and 2, that the crew, whenever the need was high, got ' one avaible ' to empty the bag, so to speak._ ( what a language,fie !)_ masturbation was on hygiene grounds maybe ' wrong '.

    An second example of sex for social purposes, were the women captured by the Japanese and set to work in brothels to please the soldiers. In Holland, still this is a too hot issue to handle. Japan, IIRC is now willing to pay compensation for the harm done to those women.

    And, over here, there is 1, I saw once an interview with her, woman, a hooker, specilized in sex with disabled people. Her main goal, is not the money ' it is my profession she claims ', but to supply a social service. Where ordinary hookers don 't lay back
    ( are not so keen) for disabled, eldery and other socially discriminated people, she takes them between her sheets. She was, as far I could tell, sincere about it.



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