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Date: Sun 23 Feb 2003 - 09:36:28 GMT

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    > Anyway, isn't the suggestion that this is sex
    > for social purposes, rather than mate selection. So like
    > grooming which can occur far more frequently and far longer than strictly
    > necessary on hygiene grounds, the purpose in the formation and maintenance
    > of social bonds.
    > Even in human societies men most often hang around with men and women with
    > women for social purposes and it has nothing to do with sex. Although an
    > Anthropologist from another planet might conclude otherwise. There are
    > matriarchal human societies in which the women don't even know who the
    > fathers of their children are. I can't remember the name, but I read
    > one such in India back in Anthro 101. When we spot one group of a species
    > involved in a single behavior, we can't make sweeping generalizations
    > its application to the species as a whole. We have no idea what is going
    > in the minds of the monkeys we observe - just how they are acting. In
    > other words, we know the what but not the why.

    Didn 't say it otherwise, but like I said in my post to Vincent, I do think this has some relevancy to our own social/ sexual bonds. That women and men hang around with other women and other men has maybe from our own perspective nothing to with sex, but that ain 't to say that beneeth it all, behind this social ' obligation ' sex is the driving force anyway. That thus talking about sex, braggin ' about the lenght, the many times we did it and do it with who or with the one we dream about,... are expressions of some ' sex- memes- their- intentions'_ ways by which they propagate and procreate.



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