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Date: Sun 23 Feb 2003 - 09:16:42 GMT

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    > I saw a report about this study, but I was skeptical of whether it really
    > represented a challenge to Darwinism per se, as opposed to those who
    > sexual selection as the most important, driving factor of evolutionary
    > change.
    > I'm sure I read or heard somewhere a few years ago that some species of
    > monkey or ape were very sexually active including across genders (bonobos
    > perhaps? I can't remember). Anyway, isn't the suggestion that this is sex
    > for social purposes, rather than mate selection. So like grooming which
    > occur far more frequently and far longer than strictly necessary on
    > grounds, the purpose in the formation and maintenance of social bonds.

    Hi Vincent,

    Despite the, for me surprisingly fact that Keith finds this off topics, I do think this article, or the study has relevancy to our own sexual behavior that we take so likely for granted. This is relevant, if we transfer this for our species, to the kind of sexual behavior which turned into extremes. This is relevant to what we see as ours patriarchal society. This has relevancy to the kind of culture towards sexuality, homosexuality, taboos, marriage, adultery we developed over the eons. Definitions about what a ' family ' is or was, the study has relevancy to the deduction if such behavior is not ' transferred ' to our species. It is relevant to questions about mate, partner choise, about mono- gamous behavior, sexual reproduction and genetic recombination. This raises questions about our own ' culture ' where we see eman- cipation as one of our greatest accomplishments. This raises questions about where nature begins and nurture stops or vice versa....

    I don 't know the guy, Vasey, but it seems he explores the ways how the mind works, and in that respect his study needs attention. I find it a pity, despite some, we, you are skeptical or not, not to read what he has to say. We don 't like that women take control, do have downright sexual desires and needs and fantasies. Solely the fact that some clear the table without any argumention why, makes we wonder....made me aware that in our mind processes are at work, memes and -plexes are moving around to hold our views and beliefs. It makes, atleast me wonder, how people think about other people, how we take things so likely and with pleasure for granted....



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