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From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Sat 22 Feb 2003 - 15:47:22 GMT

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    >The cognitive linguists (Turner, Fauconnier, Lakoff, etc.) seem to be
    >referring to the frame concept of Charles J. Fillmore; cf. his widely cited
    >article “Frame Semantics” (The Linguistic Society of Korea (ed.) 1982:
    >Linguistics in the Morning Calm. Seoul: Hanshon Publishing Co.). As far
    >as I can discern, Fillmore’s frames are more or less the same as
    >Fauconnier’s mental spaces (1994: Mental Spaces. Cambridge UP; 1997:
    >Mappings in Thought and Language. Cambridge! UP).

    About the computer-mind metaphor that is entirely unacceptable to those people, as anyone can see from scanning Lakoff and Johnson. In a sense, their aversion to MIT/Chomskyan linguistics defines the identity of cognitive linguistics.



    Thanks for the reference.


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