Japanese Monkey Pulls Darwin 's Leg

From: Van oost Kenneth (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Thu 20 Feb 2003 - 19:42:12 GMT

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    Charles Darwin would turn in his grave now that the pretty confused sexlife of the lesbo Japanese makaque rocks and ruins his theories. For Darwin female animals are not only shy, they mate also very often and they choose their long life partner exclusively in function of procreation. Males on the other hand do just the opposite:- they are extravert, have a good sexual appitite and go for one another if it ever comes to seduce a female.

    But the study done by Paul Vasey spoils Darwin's game. He found out that the most free- ranging japanese makaque females are bisexual_ " with a preference for other females " says the Canadian biologist.
    " Do they opt once in a while for a male, than they behave unruly. Once the female has chosen a mate, she demands him to be serville and meet her sexual wishes ". ( LVDB)

    Translated out of Dutch by Kenneth Van Oost, February 2003 Initial article Gentenaar 20/ 02 / 2003

    Paul Vasey can be found at,


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