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Date: Wed 19 Feb 2003 - 13:36:15 GMT

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    > > Poppycock. What about the "meme's eye view"? I thought (oops a meme in
    > > my head caused me to think) that it's not us having memes, but that
    > > it's all about the memes having us. Conscious "choice", volition, or
    > > "free will" is nothing more than a castle in the sky, a meme that has
    > > captured us in its net and caused us to "think" (whatver that empty
    > > word means) that we have "control".
    > >
    >The 'meme's eye view' is as much of a fiction as the 'gene's eye view',
    >the 'God's eye view' and the 'stone's eye view'.
    > >
    > > "I" am not "me". "I" am an automaton driven by a collection of mental
    > > contagions, deluded that "I've" a "self" there. That's what the memes
    > > want me to "think" ;)

    ROTFLMAO (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) Stones with eyes yet.

    >If you think that memes WANT ANYTHING, much less for you to think a
    >certain thing, even the information they contain, then you have a
    >homuncular misunderstanding of memetics. But I doubt that you think
    >that. I think you were being sarcasticly humorous, and if so, you did a
    >reasonable job of lampooning the misunderstandings of some in the

    You been trolled, and missed the wink ;)

    Keith Henson

    (Though funny as it is, it captures a corner of reality. :-) )

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