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Date: Tue 18 Feb 2003 - 16:11:17 GMT

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    > So why aren't memeticists gathering real data about
    > real phenomena to test
    > their mathematical models? There are people who do
    > this, but they aren't
    > memeticists

    Erm.. actually some of us are, eg. me.

    and Bob Aunger too.

    By the way, on a slightly different topic, in your sig. don't you mean Charles Ives, not "George"? 4th Symphony, my favourite. The way the choir pauses briefly in the first movement before the full orchestra comes in, is one of the great moments of 20th century music.

    > "You won't get a wild heroic ride to heaven on
    > pretty little
    > sounds."--George Ives

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