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    > These uses, too, changed the environment of both man and meme. But what
    > created the meme was a man with a problem and the search for a way to
    > it. It was not a meme in search of a man to use it.

    Maybe I am sttill seeing things Grant that aren 't really there, but ever before man was able to solve an and any problem he had to have some perpsective about things. I know I am stepping out on holy ground here, but before he had any ' previous ' meme inside his tiny head there had to be some neural connection_ call it a pre- meme... call it pre- memory....

    I don 't see how it is possible that man had all the previous memes of his culture made avaible to him, if there were not already pre- memes inside his head making it possible that he thought about things in the first place ! For to think about solving a problem you have to have some neural network at your disposal to do so. If you argue, and I don 't see you 're not, that this can be achieved without any neural network already in place, and thus already ' memes' must be there, than you leave me standing in the dark.

    For you to have to ability to blend you have to have atleast two, ( opponent
    !?) ideas_ for early man to have his ever first thought he had to have atleast two ideas_ two memes, one of which was a problem and the second a possible solution he tried, with trial and error no doubt! How can you exclude that atleast two neural dispositions, ( two memes !?) were not trying to be connected to eachother and thus formed the ever first idea ( memeplex) and thus ' searched a man ' to use it !? Maybe not that clear, but I do hope you get my drift....

    Show me the light !


    > When a man approaches a problem, he usually has all of the previous memes
    > his culture from which to choose a more effective way to get a job done.
    > you look at the cognitive concept of blends, you can see that the way the
    > brain operates is to take two existing ideas or memes and put them
    > to creat a new combination. This new combination creates a new idea, or
    > frame, which can then be further modified in the process of being used.
    > man uses existing memes to solve new problems. The more memes we have
    > available to us, the more options we have for the process of adapting to
    > internal and external environments. The meme doesn't do anything other
    > exist in the minds of men. Men borrow from each other to better their
    > existence and this is what creates and perpetuates the meme pool.

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