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    > >If thus tolerance relates indeed to individualism and thus is lets say
    > >a ' memetical attitude' than there is a relation between what tolerance
    > >stands for and what we call ' free will '.
    > I don't think you want to hang hang any argument on "free will." In
    > Metamemes and Politics (1988) I discussed the metameme of tolerence.

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the additional info ! I don't have it here specific about religious tolerance, but thus about tolerance in general. Tolerance, like one writes ( Jan Blommaert), " is always a matter of the native people. Tolerance of the minorities_ tolerance for the con- tinious racistic attitude of the native people, barely hits the newslines. "

    The question of ' free will ', I agree in the memetic context that is debatable, is one of the Self, the I within me.
    " I can bear that X does that ", you never will hear that society Y will bear that another will invade.

    From my take on this issue, I see a great importance for the notion of ' free will '. I will agree that this is just yet another way of memes to get themselves propagated, to get the meme(s) of ' noble nature/ broad- minded and liberal intent ' propagated. Don 't you take, in your example about trade, tolerance where it must be confidence and trust !?

    Where trade is involved between socities, individuals are around the table, not the society as such !? I don 't see what tolerance has to do within the connections I make to trade goods with other people. I respect their religious and other wishes, but this is an aspect of the trade- market where, like I said trust is of the essence, not tolerance. Of course, a possible customer who beats up his wife because this is a cultural aspect of his society, won 't get my ' tolerance ', but I see this more as a fact of trust... can you trust in the economy of today a guy who beats up his wife !?

    Tolerance is connected to something what seems wrong, what upsets us, what induces disbelief into our own beliefs, traits and habits, to something what is irritating and different and in this context I see individualistic, genetic and memetical aspects emerge.



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