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Date: Mon 10 Feb 2003 - 20:25:35 GMT

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    > It is paradoxical, but nevertheless true, that they only thing that the
    > tolerant person must find intolerable is the intolerance of others.

    Hi Joe,

    Yes, I just want to add the following,

    Tolerance relates to a personal attitude_ it is a noble, well- meant gesture of individualistic people. Therefor you see how political plans of actions always emphasize the individualistic side of the matter. But that ain 't what I wanna to say.

    If thus tolerance relates indeed to individualism and thus is lets say a ' memetical attitude' than there is a relation between what tolerance stands for and what we call ' free will '. We are tolerant because we like it to be_ that is debatable, but of no concern here, I suppose.( If we take the meme- meme point of view it is a whole different matter....)

    On the other hand, if_ in the context of the immigrants, their look upon freedom is blurded by thus what is known as ' positive free- dom' than we can detect a big difference. There is a fundamental contra- distinction between our take on free will and their notion of free will, clearly defined within an imposed framework ( religion).

    IMO, like I said before, it is their ways of thinking that makes them angry/ upset and intolerant towards our ways of life. Of course, if we say that we're biased, either society, ours and theirs is not pointed at_ that is something we don 't ought to do. Tolerance, intolerance, racism are results of fundamental political/ social/ cultural processes gone wrong/ bad. The matter is that with the notion that immigrants have to adapt to be fully integrated you ' break ' their own ' will '_ you put them once again within an imposed framework that in many ways is just the opposite of the one they already posses. This is not a matter of integration, this is a question of ideology.


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