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Date: Thu 06 Feb 2003 - 16:31:21 GMT

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    I am now reading the papers on Social Simulation and agents, and SDML, but it takes some space to explain the particular aspect I was inerested in:

    It seems that existing operation systems and object-orietented languages are implicitly modeling some social things -- although this far from the programmers intentions, they are usually unaware of their doing so. This is all being done intuitively, it just happened to be more convenient for human programmers.

    Words like "private property", "public property", "friend" were carried over into OOP from social life not just by accident, I feel. Memory access rights for OOP objects (and for whole different applications in a system) are reminiscent of ownership rights in society -- which are the basic rights.
    (Though in society they are far more sofisticated). There is also hierarchy among OOP classes and objects, and among differnt parts of operating systems and applications, and there is hierarchy among citizens and entities in society. In some aspects the analogy may to be deeper then can be anticipated at the first glance, I beleive.

    Are there any papers touching this aspect, whithin MABS or in some other fields? Are these available on the internet?

    With respect, Naimark M.

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