Re: "minimum separabile" and the memetic code

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Date: Sun 02 Feb 2003 - 02:23:35 GMT

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        "Everybody knows that each amino-acid has its corresponding codon within the genetic code. If we accept all that I said above, we must also accept that each "synergistic activity of all the muscles which move the same joint", each "minimum separabile", has its corresponding "codon" within the MEMETIC CODE. In respect with the term "codon", I will name it "MEMON"."

    I nominate as a candidate for the memon what cognitive scientists call a

    Memes are information. Information's basic measure is the "bit."

    Keith Henson

    That's true for information encoded in 1s and 0s, but how many bits are in a codon? Information can be passed in units other than bits, as it is in language. Language can be translated into bits, but that is not the primary unit of structure in language. There is no reason why it should be so in memes which are encoded in language. What is the basic unit of transfer in imitation or art? Is a statue, for example, composed of bits? Or an idea? What about facial expressions and body language? Information comes in many forms and can be transmitted in whole units (pictures, actions, tools, etc.,) and many formats.


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