Re: "minimum separabile" and the memetic code

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Date: Sat 01 Feb 2003 - 20:47:47 GMT

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    > >"Everybody knows that each amino-acid has its
    > >corresponding codon within the genetic code. If we
    > >accept all that I said above, we must also accept that
    > >each "synergistic activity of all the muscles which
    > >move the same joint", each "minimum separabile", has
    > >its corresponding "codon" within the MEMETIC CODE. In
    > >respect with the term "codon", I will name it "MEMON"."
    > >
    > >I nominate as a candidate for the memon what cognitive scientists call a
    > >"frame."
    > Memes are information. Information's basic measure is the "bit."
    > Keith Henson

    Hmm... The "bit" is a basic unit for data, not information. For example, 1101 = 13 does not look like meaningful information. Data lack context.

    Googling around, I found out that the "infon" has been proposed as a unit for information.

    Now... a unit for memes could be different. Is a "replicated information pattern" just information? There could be room for a unit concept for memes if we manage to quantify memes and keep the analogies working.

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