Re: Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS2003) @ AAMAS, Australia,July 2003

From: derek gatherer (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 2003 - 20:12:43 GMT

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     --- Mika Naimark <> wrote: > It sounds exciting about ABSS, MAS and MABS research
    > fields, are there any
    > papers or reports avilable on the Internet?

    Try All the necessary links are there.

    > Do they introduce any rigorous definition of what is
    > "agent", or what set of
    > properties makes a thing to be "agent"? gives an outline. A rigorous definition is not necessary, as the agent only exists as a software object, with attributes and methods like any other object in OOP.

    >Is this
    > connected in some way to the
    > "Society of Mind" theory by M. Minsky, where the
    > basic units of mind were
    > also called agents


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