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Date: Thu 16 Jan 2003 - 20:03:03 GMT

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    > No. Because you happen to be a dead end for a meme does not keep it from
    > being a meme. After all, it was passed to you. My argument is that an
    > idea that does not get passed at all falls short of being a meme. It darn
    > sure does not become part of the culture pool. Of course, *all* ideas are
    > potential memes at least until the single mind containing the meme
    > dies. (And just because an idea is a meme does not keep it from still
    > being an idea.)

     But in the case of apoptosis, what would happen if we should basically turn the whole thing upside down !? Instead of saying that the whole of the body is a result of self- organizing cells, can we say that the ( form of the) body resulted out of the suicide of other cells !? That we, humans, in a sense are just ' cut out ' of some genetic cardboard
    !? That thus, the ' neighbours ' of the cells we end up with are important and not the cells which has ' survived' .

    In what way do those ' cells ' get passed and will those apply to be called a ' meme ' if you say you ' re argument is that an idea that doesn 't get passed at all falls short of being a meme.

    I recon that thus ' death ' ideas are " passed on "....and thus in a sense,
    ' death ' memes too... !? No !? In a way, those memes are on a death end, literally, but they stay ' alive ' any- way. If we know what the ' neighbouring ' aspects of any idea/ thought/ engram/... are, ( thus the " death", filtered out effects) it will tell us, what is the
    ' meme ' !?



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