RE: U.S. TV Shows Losing Potency Around World

From: derek gatherer (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 2003 - 16:09:45 GMT

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    > What makes this significant is that Britain,
    > although some way behind the
    > US, is the second largest net exporter of TV
    > programmes globally,

    Hi Vincent

    I'm way off my subject here (and of course right on your territory), but can the above really be true? I thought that Mexican and Brazilian soaps and variety shows like Don Francisco's "Sabado Gigante" (which inspired Ted Rogers' "1-2-3" in the UK) were the world's biggest TV product. If I'm wrong, I'd be curious to know what the stats are. I seem to remember reading somewhere a few years ago that Veronica Castro had 'officially' become the world's biggest star as her back catalog of soaps was being shown in the majority of the world's countries, a market penetration unequalled by any Anglophone luvvie. Also I read (again that great journal
    'somewhere') that Lucia Mendez can be seen at any time on TV in virtually every country, with the exceptions of UK, northern Europe, Australia and Canada. 'Amor de nadie' (1991) reruns took the former Soviet Union by storm in the mid-late-90s and other oeuvres are regularly trotted out to fill afternoon slots all over the world from Indonesia to Univision in the USA.

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