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From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Tue 14 Jan 2003 - 20:03:10 GMT

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    > > At 01:11 PM 1/12/2003 -0500, Keith Henson wrote:
    > > Using the imagery of fitness landscapes, we can think of some memes
    > > very steep fitness peaks. The notion that 1+1 = 2 has a very steep
    > > and is probably permanently stabilized. On the other hand hairstyle's
    > come
    > > and go quite quickly and could be thought of as having low fitness
    > But the technique to come to such a kind of style remains quite the same,
    > !?
    > A haircut is a haircut, in either way all hairdressers use the ' same '
    > technique.
    > Isn 't this the thing Sperber talks about, triggering and boottrapping !?
    > Creating a hairstyle involves more than just copying a technique to cut
    > hair.
    > As how long do you define a low fitness peak, in contrast with 1+ 1= 2,
    > sure you right, but I got doubts about the hairstyle- thing....1 week, a
    > year,
    > a century...!?
    > Maybe I am in the wrong....
    > Kenneth
    > > In the legal profession there are certain areas of the law that change
    > a
    > > snail's pace, like certain aspects of real estate law. There are cases
    > > from pre-revolutionary war England that are still considered good law in
    > > the United States. On the other hand, family law notions have changed
    > > drastically in the two centuries and no one would base a legal argument
    > > a case from the 1800s.
    > Maybe, but if one find the law convincing enough to back up his case, he
    > will use it ! Be sure of that !
    > In the recent past we 're confronted with what the judges call ' the word
    > of the law ' and ' the spirit of the law '. The former is what is written
    > down
    > and this has to be taken literally, the latter is the interpretation, how
    > the law
    > is being ' used ' in the courtroom. In a legal argument those stand most
    > the
    > time diametrical one against the other.
    > If it suits one both notions will be used accordingly.
    > > I also agree with Grant that memes are not always propagated with each
    > > potentially meme transmitting activity. For purely behavioral memes,
    > > may take a person a number of observations, and then independent trial
    > > error, before reproduction will occur. Although this is much different
    > than
    > > the process by which genes reproduce it can still be viewed as a
    > > process.
    > This is what the writer of the article refered to as 'non- content
    > transmissions ',
    > what is being 'suggested ' with the initial meme. I already mentioned this
    > upon
    > this list, to get the ' meme(plex)' you have to get all what surrounds it,
    > the skeleton
    > is what is transmitted, all the rest is pre- knowledge and learned
    > Of course, the latter is also due to memetic influence and in DNA encoded
    > traits and habits evolved over the eons of time.
    > To get the performance ' right ' you do need the additional info.
    > > An individual's personalized manifestation of a meme may differ from
    > > is originally transmitted because of the need to adapt to that person's
    > own
    > > individual memetic landscape and physical capacities. In the language
    > > fitness landscapes the term 'epistatic interaction' is used to describe
    > the
    > > effect that the presence of other genetic or memetic elements have on
    > > fitness of one particular element. This type of interaction is
    > > modelled in fitness landscapes.
    > Personaly I prefer ' interference ' above interaction , although it is
    > debatable
    > what is best.
    > But has it to be the presence of other genes/ memes !?
    > I think here about the fact " that fingers just arise in the womb if cells
    > where
    > with all those fingers initial were connected kill themselves " !
    > Can 't have the lack of having some genes/ memes around an influence !?
    > Kenneth

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