Girl power !

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Date: Sun 12 Jan 2003 - 10:19:56 GMT

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                                    Girl Power !

                Now that Clonaid and in its steps the Raelians claimed to have created the first human clone, we_ the guys_ have to fear for our lives. A step is made for achieving women's domination !

    The world reacted with disbelief and with horror upon the birth of Eve, the first clone- baby.
    " I hope you all realise that Eve is a real person, a real human being and not a kind of monster " , says Brigitte Boisselier to the world. Men 's doomsday is eminent, that's for sure !

                The problem that arises is not a technical one, that should be obvious. The technological possibility of cloning only manifests into itself a more essential one_ one, women have been designating for themselves in the name of freedom and feminism. It should be obvious that in choosing, by way of a fiction, the decison rests on a very shaky ground.
      As for as cloning itself and as such defined is concerned, there's no point in denying any longer that women will give birth to girls. The shift towards a possible women 's domination counters a longstanding manly assumption that patriarchism would continue to overshaduw human 's social and cultural evolution. This is so true that ever since, in the realm, Darwinism and its mythical pledge of the survival of the fittest has become the very conception of the ideal society itself. Furthermore, a conception so interested in the realisation of itself that it condemned itself to remain what it is, a marvellous pathetic illustration deprived of man 's auto- nomy and ableness to integrate himself anywhere.

    Not only will cloning set Darwinism aside but in addition it will give no further chance to men either. Men, exemplarily, priced themselves out of the evolutionary picture, as the ( female) genetic competition began for the most potent mate. But in consideration of the lesson we 're now thought, in effect we are meant to un- derstand that we couldn 't bring ourselves up to the task. Not only we diminished ourselves physically, at the same time the by us, men, set up social/ cultural traits and habits inhibited us to take risks. Wether we lost the use of the penis, or wether we lose the penis itself.

                    At least for the women, evolutionary seen, performance was an impor- tant issue and men due to social/ cultural etc. circumstances were/ became unable to continue, constantly, to deliver the goods. Oh, we touched them, we fingered them, we took all kinds of liberties, we have even made sex into a form of entertainment, but akin to the interest all woman naturally feel, we have lost the battle. And this is how, from a woman point of view, cloning is far more interesting than the merely cultural/ sexual plenitude of forms of seduction.

    Modern women wants it smooth, dense, in terms of keeping their integrity, without the oppositions that are connected with men's desires. Women are taking control. Shared responsibility, all things considered, is out of date.

    Not much of a reality !? Now women can find themselves pregnant, when it pleases men or not ! Not to mention that men aren' t allowed in the bedroom anymore. Moreover, the per- vert consequence is that such a room isn' t anymore needed_ like men, it is an useless piece of junk thrown on the garbage heap of evolution. Not that women wouldn 't miss us, but they can do it very well without and it is maybe all for the better that they did !

                    Of course, a hell of a fact remains that in all their rigor women will be confronted with the devil himself. In the system they eventually will form together, all the weight of substaining it will be upon their shoulders. The world of men will collapse, but women will create a vacuum around themselves. In breaking the circle of a genetic natural evolution, women will be caught up in an aesthetic drama !

    Because, as they will try to minimize the consequences of having no longer men around, the attention is nevertheless focused on what their system will look like. In all its brutality, they will stop to be s e x e d beings. And as far as our under- standing of society and culture goes, everything we do is tangled up in how we seduce and in how we' re being seduced ourselves. Considered from this angle, cloning will provoke important changes in the future of how societies are formed and in the ways how we should deal with ( at most biased) cultural behaviors.

    Women will be absolute, initially removed from their sex(e) no doubt, but as far as we can tell, we have to admit_ the question that evolution raised with cloning will be answered in the full circle of maternity.

    Written by Kenneth Van Oost, January 2003


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