Sue Blackmore talk, London 12th February.

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    The Guest Keynote Presentation at InfoTechPharma 2003 Information Systems and Technologies for Life Sciences conference will be Sue Blackmore. Sue is speaking at 17.15 on Wednesday 12th February in the Exhibition Hall Presentation Stage, Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London (Victoria Tube Station and then just walk towards the river). The lecture will be followed by drinks and canapés. Entrance is free but tickets need to be obtained in advance via Entry to the conference as a whole is not free, but the free parts include Sue’s lecture, visits to stands in the exhibition hall (see if you can spot me!!), a DTI-GRID demo, a NASA module demo, a collaborative computing panel briefing, a systems biology panel briefing, and brunch roundtable discussions (I’m not sure if the actual brunch is free, but the discussion is). These events will take place over 10th to 13th February.

    The abstract I have in the advance publicity is:

    “Guest Keynote Presentation: Dr Susan Blackmore. The Evolution of Meme Machines. We humans are all meme machines. So are the photocopiers and telephones, computers and web servers that we have built to help us. But why are they changing so fast and were they really designed for our benefit? According to the theory of memetics, they were designed by memetic evolution for the sake of memes themselves. Like genes, memes are replicators. That is, they are information that is copied with variation and selection, which makes and evolutionary process possible. As with other evolutionary processes, memetic or cultural evolution happens for the benefit of the replicators themselves, in ths case the memes. The internet, the web and all its consequences are just what we should expect of the rapidly accelerating evolution of meme machines.

    Dr Susan Blackmore has done many interviews for television, and presented programmes, including a
    “Horizon” on alien abductions and “The Cleverest Ape in the World” for Channel 4. She is now more interested in science especially evolution, evolutionary psychology, memetics, meditation and altered states of consciousness.”

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