Re: Origin of Religion

From: Ray Recchia (
Date: Thu 26 Dec 2002 - 13:16:32 GMT

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    >I have been thinking about this a *long* time. While I think "religions"
    >are helpful symbiotes, they evolved from dangerous, sometimes fatal cults
    >which *are* memetic parasites. (Typically takes about 300 years.)
    >The evolution of parasites into symbiotes is a common story in evolution
    >so this is not a surprise.
    >Keith Henson

    That's an interesting hypothesis. So would it apply to Christianity and Islam? If so could you explain the particulars? If not, why not?. Mormonism is now about 150 years old which would suggest that it currently is parasitic and is likely to remain so for the next 150 years. How would you support application of your hypothesis in that case?

    Ray Recchia

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