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Date: Wed 25 Dec 2002 - 17:59:11 GMT

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      From: Grant Callaghan
      Since groups obviously ARE structured and structure tends to take place any time people get together, where is all this evidence against it? Eric Berne, pstychiatrist, now deceased, used to talk about structure hunger in human beings. Where do we see examples of groups that are unstructured? In what society do people not divide themselves up into leaders and followers and start making rules for members of the group to follow? I can't think of one. And even if we can find a few, they would only be the exception that proves the rule rather than concrete evidence that what we see before our eyes doesn't exist.

      Hi Grant,

      The tendency Wilson is taking IMO, is that groupselection naturally evolves out of a religious
      undertone at the bias of any society. I don 't refute the existence of any structurial concept that
      came out of religion and its impact on society, but I don 't agree with the notion that religion
      tends to be the only catalysator for groupsbounding.
      Amazing to see that groups with a religious bias are in his opinon more up against the
      hazzards of life than groups with no religion... pure, evil force comes to mind to set things
      straight, I am maybe less organized and less unified, but with a bash of a non- religious
      hammer I will strike any cord in battle....


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