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      Nevertheless, there is something rather more important at stake here.
      Such is, all things considered, the well being of the individual.
      Everyone knows the famous theorem that we must insure the/
      some future for our children. But that was before everybody knew
      what kind of consequences inscribed themselves in the ways we use
      our modelling apparatus.
      Thus to go deeper, we must already harden the sense that in the
      society of tomorrow people with a gene for crime will show distinctive
      behavior and that we won 't do anything about it.
      Instead of draggin ' those people through infinite pains and misery
      we will display energy into education- programs, in providing sys-
      tems for better information transmission, in communication to
      avoid causes for misunderstandings.
      The world of tomorrow will not act upon problems like these, no the
      world of tomorrow must be willing to implement our view on things.

      That is of course not to say that our analyses is the final one, that
      everything we said about it is a given and that nothing can will or
      may be changed. We don 't define what the future is, we simply
      draw possible solutions for the extends that are part of its final
      destination. There is no end either, only knowledge that immedia-
      tely manifests itself its probability. There is no sudden need for
      information, people of today were already nursing the ideas and
      the opportunity to set alight ideas needed to cope with the pro-
      blem that is bound to arise into the future.
      The ideas cannot be forgotten because no information will be lost.
      The chain will extend for as long as people are willing to contribute
      to the free input/ flow and exchange of information.
      Every question has its answer, everything has meaning, for one
      simple reason:- somewhere in the future some individual will ask
      a question and we can 't forsake the notion to provide an answer
      for it.

      Even in, atleast for some people, our wost moments to come, we
      must prevail the freedom of the individual_ freedom for the individual!
      How could it be more clearly stated that the individual can/ may
      not be strayed from the lines that he or his genes/ memes had set
      for him and for themselves.
      For the time to come we need to understand that everything can
      be incorporated in what stands for the notion of freedom of and
      for the individual.
      Freedom can 't and may not be reduced to some simple, not
      even atificial, recognisable elements ! No, the kind of freedom,
      ( the one that Menomics can shape), I have in mind is carved
      out of what the individual really is _ an authentic, autonomic
      human being !!

      Even its sexual fantasies, its sexual extemes and perversities,
      its irreversible outbursts of violence can/ may never be claimed
      as causes for restriction and conviction.
      We must in a sense, anticipate in the realization of the impos-
      sible desires of the peadophile, by exploring technological
      possibilities ( Holo- Decktechnology) and if is that for one other
      reason not yet developed, such technologies had to be invented_
      or at least the argumentation of its necessity has to be presented.
      That is, in short, the work we ( memetics) are/ is dealing with.

      Written by Kenneth Van Oost, August 2002
      Sorry for this cut- up stuff, but I couldn 't it get thru ' otherwise....

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