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From: Van oost Kenneth (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Mon 23 Dec 2002 - 17:42:45 GMT

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      In becoming stronger, individualism had to relocate itself. It had to , to spell
      it out, make itself, a better selective choise. If we all forget the erotic or even
      the sexual connotations for a second, memes get born out of existing ones
      after a multitude of meme- hosts have put their heads together.
      Culture, as then the evolving entity resulting out of such a process, is thus a
      collective enterprise of a group of agents acting in unity.
      Chaos becomes order.

      But that ain 't the truth !
      One point of view on chaos, is that chaos is general, that it has no end, it
      isn 't finite !
      It is in our persistent dispostion of Dasein that we involve ourselves to create
      chaos, the inevitable characters of this are new ideas/ new strategies/ solu-
      tions to problems, theories and what not in an infinite duration.
      In doing so, we went beyond the notions of collectiviness, we had to, the
      reserves of chaos has to be inexhaustible !
      And now, that we 're dealing here with some kind of fertility, we 're speeding
      it up !

      How can we be surprised, under that condition, that memes with a sentiment
      of selfishness in effect stand in objection to any collective !?
      The meme is born as individualistic_ it is alas, the price they must pay to keep
      themselves potent. But this, I repeat, is not a sublimated version of the Dar-
      winian natural selection. Individualism, and thus Menomics need to evolve/
      ( deliver) memes/ memetic pathways which were to be enough understood
      to make concrete proposals about how to deal with the problems in a nearby
      future/ to even to make a difference.

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