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From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Mon 23 Dec 2002 - 17:39:17 GMT

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      The fact of the matter is that we find ourselves ( still) wondering how pretty
      neat Darwin's natural selection idea leaves it mark, progressively, upon our
      views about the future ! Like it seems to coincide with each attempt to break
      it down...
      Intrinsic, so to speak, such thoughts belong to the very constitution of Dar-
      winism. Everything thus seems to indicate, as we can see, that Darwinism
      is the motor behind the idea of the future.
      After all, the idea is so widely accepted that it would mean ' scientific suicide'
      even to venture a few steps away from it. As for reasons, incorporated in the
      notion of menomics however, I say the future is the exception on Darwin's
      ruling. Further, this brings us a little bit closer to the reality of the world today.

      No doubt that early hominids for some good reasons began to form clusters,
      this was by far the best solution for their problems. But one should remerber
      that at one point the conclusion has to be that groupbounding and groupse-
      lection are perhaps less important than seen at first.
      Especially since individualism is certainly progressing. Giving that, we are
      touching here on something essential. We are far too much attached to the
      idea that we must get rid of what defines in this case, culture.
      Individualism, the individual is simply said, essential to our survival. At least,
      what is called, consanguinity is at any given point to sacred and all too
      often I can say that the natural environment has been given to much chances.
      We must refuse to conceive naturalness as a decisive enslavement.
      We must attempting, to such a point, that we overcome our inclusion in the
      social world.
      _ Freedom, in a way, is not giving free course to emotions and feelings, but
      escaping them, it is not an expression of personality, but an escape of having
      one. ( Elliot)

      This is a manifestation of a sovereignity. A sovereignity as a counterpoint,
      so rebellious that how the greater the masses applying it are, the more in-
      dividuals has a chance to contradict the oh! so often hopeless, unstable
      situation where they're living in. There is no contradiction here, simply the
      application of some menomical effects can break the vicious circle of hud-
      dled, repressed man and woman_ difficult situations that go on maybe for
      Besides, ever since the all- power of groupbounding has been playing its
      part and in its wake that of Darwinsim, the decisions to make has been takin'
      out of our hands. What we individualisticly see as ' the / a true human ' is set
      against what ' a monster ' must look like, the ‹bermensch is set against the
      ‹ntermensch........( Smitt)

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