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From: Wade Smith (wade_smith@harvard.edu)
Date: Thu 19 Dec 2002 - 21:33:45 GMT

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    Since March of this year, Berkman Center Faculty Co-Director Jonathan Zittrain and Berkman Affiliate Benjamin Edelman have been conducting an ongoing collaborative study to document the methods, scope, and depth of selective barriers to Internet access through Chinese networks. Earlier this month they released a report that provides empirical analysis of their results so far. The report documents more than 19,000 specific sites blocked; it also charts the proportion of sites blocked in China among those that result from Google searches for such hot-button terms as
    "Tibet" and "democracy."

    "We found blocking of almost every kind of content," Edelman told Wired. "If it exists, China blocks at least some of it."

    Follow the links below for the study itself, selected press coverage, and two related articles that explore Google's role in determining what those who use the popular search engine see:

    "Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China"
    "China Has World's Tightest Internet Censorship, Study Finds"
    "An Inside Look at China Filters"
    "Fences Go Up As Net Outgrows Its Innocence"
    "The World According to Google"
    "Google vs. Evil"


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