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From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Wed 18 Dec 2002 - 02:47:38 GMT

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    Another way to solve the problem of sorting through the messages is to convince everyone that they should use the subject line instead of just letting the same message ride as we discuss different subjects. I notice that some subjects go through endless evolutions of content without the subject line ever changing. Look, for example, at messages that started as a discussion of the Electric Meme bombs. After the first few, hardly any of the messages under that name discussed that subject. I suspect it's because people are in a hurry to get their reply on the way and they ignore the subject in their haste.

    If I can see a post is carrying a subject line that marks it as something I'm not interested in, I can just use my delete key to remove it and move on. Without fair notice I have to waste time reading the message to find out what it's about.



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