RE: The Liberal Quandary Over Iraq

From: Vincent Campbell (
Date: Tue 17 Dec 2002 - 15:37:53 GMT

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            <It doesn't 'waste' much bandwidth (we're talking one k per here), and
    > many people have enjoyed perusing them. Could your objection be
    > more because you would prefer the essays not be referenceable from
    > onlist? The 'bit' of wasted bandwidth would appear to be truly
    > insignificant (this exchange took more than two such referrals).>
            I don't understand this comment Joe. I could give a shit if you want to put references to pieces that link to discussions about memetics in your posts, regardless of their content. My comment was directed at posts that consist of nothing more than references relating to your political comments, which I felt might be better utilised by those want to read articles from the Daily Telegraph and the like, as a weblog where the totality of the arguments are apparent. Given the abundance of posts lately, particularly from yourself, I thought it might allow those of with, y'know jobs and lives, to still participate in the list now and again on things of direct relevance to memetics without having to wade through the war talk.


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