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Date: Mon 16 Dec 2002 - 02:17:47 GMT

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    > the memeplex is the issue

    It is, indeed.

    One wonders whether or not any fascist mindset cares for what its supposed rationale is- more to the point is the simple luddite retrogression of such textual and dogmatic irrationality.

    Extremism as a reaction would seem to grasp upon any set of strict laws as foundations. That such strictures were a part of a single, megalomaniac vision (like Mohammed's, or Hubbard's, or Reich's), well, they would seem custom-fit for such fanaticism, being exploitivally fanatic at core.

    This sort of blindness and juggernautism is seen in conspiracy looneys as well.

    So, why does hate have such an appeal? Are people walking, today, into a mosque for the first time in order to find a partner for their hate? Have many religions always had this rotten inner core of bias and tribalism and rancor?

    - Wade

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