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Date: Sun 15 Dec 2002 - 19:32:14 GMT

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    Actually, Joe, given your difficulty with sources, (and such things as your yet unreported disclosure of just WHO is behind the MEMRI site, as well as WHO has criricized me regarding my sources, as you accused some time ago and seem to be trying to now forget), I would prefer simply that you post your own views, deeply bigoted as I find them to me, and cease trying to find others to bolster your case. You, after all, are your own primary source.

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    > > But there's the rub, Joe. These sites are not about 'truth' but about
    > > persuasion. They use the tactics of propaganda. Just to be clear: I am
    > > not just referring to pro-Israeli or anti-Islamic sites, but to
    > > pro-Arab and anti-Israeli sites as well.
    > >
    > > That is precisely why primary sites and a comprehensive consideration
    > > of the issues are vital. In your biased postings of anti-Muslim and
    > > pro-Israeli materials and in your reluctance to answer our specific
    > > questions about them, you put yourself in a position of just being a
    > > megaphone to the propagandists. There is not doubt that you believe
    > > that what you say is truthful, but that is precisely the aim of
    > > propaganda -- to get otherwise naive people repeating the propaganda
    > > as if it were the truth.
    > >
    > I'm sorry for your torturous path to disillusionment, but you
    > simply can't
    > get around the fact that those are actual broadcasts that were beamed
    > into Middle East homes on the dates and by the stations provided. No
    > one else needs to propagandize against them - just let them speak for
    > themselves; their own actual words reveal their bilous hatred and their
    > commitment to infecting their infants with it much more effectively than
    > anything a propagandist could manufacture.
    > You complain when I post not my words, but their own.

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