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Date: Sun 15 Dec 2002 - 07:37:39 GMT

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    >Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 14:20:49 +1100
    >At 06:36 PM 14/12/02 -0600, you wrote:
    > >> Thanks for letting us know you are a MEMRI supporter, Joe.
    > >>
    > >You're welcome; I'm interested in equine information from the horses'
    > >mouths.
    >Equine information would be good, (I even like the way it sounds a bit like
    >'equity'), I think that is what Lawry wants - primary sources. And please
    >don't get upset by our request, we just want to be sure that your 'equine'
    >information is not 'bovine' information; from the bull's bum (ass in
    What would Lawry or yourself think of someone who opined the following unflattering bit of prose on the Arabs?:

    (bq) "They are a limited narrow-minded people whose inert intellects lie incuriously fallow." (eq)

    This happens to come from an introduction by that great Arabist T.E. Lawrence to Charles Doughty's book _Travels in Arabia Deserta_ (1953. George Macy Companies, Heritage Press. New York, p. xvii).

    Of course how much of what Lawrence wrote should be taken all too seriously? That's primary sources for you. MEMRI he wasn't.

    From what I've read of his biography at the hands of authors like Lawrence James and Suleiman Mousa, his first hand accounts are to be taken with a grain of salt. Damascus anyone?

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