There will be a man

From: Jon Gilbert (
Date: Sun 15 Dec 2002 - 07:30:53 GMT

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    There will be a man who gives a great prophesy of a peaceful union between all people. People will believe the prophesy and thus will know that the men with weapons will see a sign that the weapons are no longer of use, for they only kill their own women and children Then the other will be the brother. The tears of salt will be for joy, for the planet of men will live in peace having known that even the eternal battle had ended because of the prophesy of the man. The man will not be he who took the sword from the warrior, but will be he who took the pen from the historian. For he will say that history will not repeat itself, for when men see that their weapons are of no use, they will see that their history is also of no use, and a writing will be written that is not a history, and was not written with a pen, and a new future will unfold that is not a recurrence, and was not brought about by a sword.

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