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Date: Sun 15 Dec 2002 - 04:37:02 GMT

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    Yes, I'm surprised you pulled MEMRI's quotes about itself off of MEMRI's page for us. But note who they quote: Krauthammer, Nordlinger, Peretz, Lantos, Adelman, etc. These are ultra-pro-Zionists. There are some interesting names there, like Woolsey, Lewis and Friedman. Lewis, who is greatly respected in Middle East historical studies, is an early Zionist. Friedman is in my opinion, also excellent, but as he is the first to admit, pro-Israeli. Jim Woolsey is also excellent, but on other matters, but no expert on the Middle East. Now, if he were commenting on arms control (in which he did some very important and difficult work for the US and the world), his praise would be more weighty. I haven't heard of David Tell. Maybe HE is an expert on the Middle East and without a dog in the fight?

    I went back to the MEMRI site, and was able to link up some of the materials you quoted to the video material--many thanks; as I said in my last email, though, this leaves us with the question of MEMRI's own biases.

    I notice they don't reveal who is running the site, or funding it. (Somehow, I don't think your dedication and $20 bucks to them is covering the budget.) So, who is behind the site??? Who is the director of MEMRI? Who is on their advisory board? Who on their Board? Who is staff director? Maybe I'm missing the part of their site that provides this information. Joe, can you point me to this information? You have piqued my curiosity.

    Well, you came back to Pipes and the anonymous "ibn Warraq" -- your admiration for Pipes speaks volumes, and makes it easier to reach conclusions about how much credibility your admiration and financial payment to MEMRI should be given.

    I notice that you ignore my challenge to you to produce ANY complaints that have been made of my provision of references. If indeed you can't find any, a simple apology on your part will suffice. Not that I'm holding my breath. Your callousness about people I know who died in the WTC has not been forgotten by members of this list.

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