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Date: Sun 15 Dec 2002 - 01:25:21 GMT

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    >When did the Muslim world change from one which sheltered the Jews in the
    >Middle East, in North Africa and in Spain till the late middle ages from
    >christians, to one where they are the personification of anti Muslim and
    >evil? Assuming the Qu'ran has not changed too much why are jews acceptable
    >400 years ago and not now? These are questions that need looking at.
    >Why did an advanced tolerant society skilled in science, medicine etc
    >whilst we in the west struggled under the yoke of an ignorant church, lose
    >such an advantage?

    The answer to your questions are simple -- they are not the same people and the world they live in is completely different.

    The Jews in Israel and around the world today bear little resemblance to the Jews that lived in Spain, Italy and North Africa at the time of Columbus and Isabella. The issues they faced were completely different. You've no doubt heard that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. The Muslims and Christians were are war and the Christians were persecuting Jews with the inuisition, trying to make them convert to Christianity and then prove the conversion was genuine. In other words, Muslims and Jews were on pretty much the same side against a common enemy. Now they are on opposite sides.

    Now it is the Muslims who seek shelter from Jews and the friend of their enemy is their enemy. It started when Jews became powerful enough to invade what Muslims felt and feel were their lands. There is a new crusade to free the holy land but this time it is the Jews who are leading it. And the West is helping them, especially America and Britain. The only thing that has changed is who has the power and which side they're on. The game is the same.

    Now Palestinian Muslims have to prove they are loyal to Islam by sacrificing their lives while Jews conduct an inquisition to make them admit Jews have a right to rule the Holy Land. But the Muslims of today are not the Muslims of 400 years ago and the Jews are more European than they are Semitic and the only thing that remains the same is the memes that drive the people fighting for the place they are seeking to control.

    Have you noticed that Jews and Muslims living in America and Europe don't act the same as those living in Israel and the Middle East? The reasons for that seem like a good line of study to explore.


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