Kill That Messenger! (Not!)

Date: Sat 14 Dec 2002 - 19:46:09 GMT

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    Those who do not like the messages have tended here to attempt to kill
    (translation discredit) the messengers, when what they actually should be doing, if they were actually engaged in good faith presuppositionless investigations, is to use the messages to understand the mailers (those who broadcast such memesets, those who speak them on the broadcasts, and those who pay to have them beamed into middle eastern homes). Not only are what I presented examples of virulent and noxious memeplexes, they are also examples of them being propagated to Muslim masses via broadcast media, and furthermore, being held up as shining sterling examples of Muslim piety to be emulated by the receivers, and taught to the receivers' own children. We need to understand that this broadcast phenomenon, and its doppelganger in the Muslim print media, is as much a cause of the virulent nature of the Radical Islamicist memeplex as it is a reflection of it.

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