Another Example of the Radical Islam Memeplex

Date: Sat 14 Dec 2002 - 01:12:12 GMT

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        The Muslim Woman Magazine: Hosted by Doaa 'Amer
        (Aired from Egypt) Host: Our report today will be a little different, because our guest is a girl, a Muslim girl, but a true Muslim. Allah willing, may our God give us the strength to educate our children the same way, so that the next generation will turn out to be true Muslims who understand that they are Muslims and know who their enemies are. This girl will introduce herself immediately. She is the daughter of my sister in faith, and of the artist Wagdi Al-Arabi . Her name is Basmallah and we will ask her as well. Questions and Answers Host: Peace be upon you. Allah's mercy and blessing upon you. What's your name? Basmallah: Basmallah. Host: Basmallah, how old are you? Basmallah: Three and a half. Host: Are you a Muslim? Basmallah: Yes. Host: Basmallah, are you familiar with the Jews? Basmallah: Yes. Host: Do you like them? Basmallah: No. Host: Why don't you like them? Basmallah: Because... Host: Because they are what? Basmallah: They're apes and pigs. Host: Because they're apes and pigs? Who said they are so? Basmallah: Our God. Host: Where did he say this? Basmallah: In the Koran. Host: Right, he said that about them in the Koran. - Okay, Basmallah, what are the Jews doing? Basmallah: The Pepsi company. Host: You also know about the boycott, Basmallah? Did they love our master Muhammad? Basmallah: No. Host: No, what did the Jews do to him? Basmallah: The Prophet Muhammad killed someone.. Host: Obviously, our master Muhammad was strong and could have killed them. All right, you know the traditions about the Jews and what they did to the Prophet Muhammad? Is there a story you know? Basmallah: Yes, the story about the Jewish woman. Host: The Jewish woman? What did she do to our master the Prophet Muhammad? Basmallah: The Jewish woman? Host: Yes. Basmallah: There was a Jewish woman who invited the Prophet and his friends. When he asked her, 'Did you put poison (in my food)?' she said to him, 'Yes.' He asked her, 'Why did you do this?' and she replied: 'If you are a liar - you will die and Allah will not protect you; if you speak the truth - Allah will protect you.' Host: And our God protected the Prophet Muhammad, of course. Basmallah: And he said to his friends: 'I will kill this lady.' Host: Of course, because she put poison in his food, this Jewess. Host: Basmallah, Allah be praised, Basmallah, Allah be praised. May our God bless her. No one could wish Allah could give him a more believing girl than sheŚ May Allah bless her and her father and mother. The next generation of children must be true Muslims. We must educate them now while they are still children so that they will be true Muslims.

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