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    These are excerpts from the work of Jack Sarfatti. He commands a bit more respect than Sheldrake, certainly. He is also impenetrable by laymen. He's also a fascinating character, mentioned in Wilson's Illuminati series several times. One of those.

    He is not listed as one of the participants in the Quantum Physics/Consciousness conference I forwarded info about earlier. I wonder why not.

    Like others ;-), he uses a tri-level system.

    - Wade


    What is the Soul?

    "Soul" is a quaint term for the Level 3 post-quantum spontaneously sentient field of what Henry Stapp calls
    "experiential qualities" "e". Bohm's theory has all of this in latent form ready for a metamorphosis of human understanding.

    I have, in the spirit of humble grace, been given a universal theory of sentience at Level 3, which fulfills Einstein's principle of relativity first conceived by him at Level 1. Sentience is the warping of Bohm's Level 2 field of non-material quantum information by Level 1 matter-geometry, just as Level 1 universal gravity is the warping of Level 1 geometry by Level 1 matter as shown by Einstein in 1915. This is a theory for ALL minds human and otherwise.

    Mind is non-material i.e. not Level 1, but it is still physical. Post-modern physics has a much broader notion of "physical" than what you learned as a child. Remember Saint Paul "when I was a child, I thought as a child" on the tinkling of Bell's theorem
    "through the looking glass darkly".:-)

    Properties of post-quantum sentient fields (thanks to Ken Jenkens):

    "Appreciation of beauty and ecstasy

    Sense of humor

    Original creativity and imagination

    Love and commitment

    Conscious choice

    Appreciation of enchantment-

    Appreciation of the unknown

    Self transcendence - that which must ever surpass itself".

    Yes, all of these are properties of Level 3 spontaneously sentient post-quantum fields of mental information. Shannon's theory of Level 1 classical information is for matter, Bohm's new theory of Level 2 quantum information is prerequisite for mind. Mind is the two way dialogue or exchange between Level 1 Shannon information and Level 2 Bohm information.


    First the term "behavior". I understand "behavior" as strictly classical Level 1 matter in motion in ordinary space. For a complex system this corresponds to the motion of the Level 1 material "system point" along the "Bohm worldline" (Stapp's term) on the Level 2 Bohm quantum information field "landscape" in the configuration space of the Bohm worldline. I mean
    "landscape" as in Murray Gell-Mann's "The Quark and the Jaguar", and Stuart Kauffman's "At Home in the Universe". Mathematically, it is the gradient flow perpendicular to the equipotential contour lines on the hypersurface formed by Bohm's Level 2 non material, but physical, quantum information potential Q in the classical Level 1 configuration space of the material Bohm worldline representing the relevant collective degrees of freedom (Frohlich modes?) of the momentary material brain configuration.

    Now as to the ultimate cause of the time symmetry breaking, Dimitri Nanopoulos argues that the Level 3 post-quantum self-organizing loop, formally like the objective reduction "OR"
    "friction" term in the GRW model, does it. This is good because in my theory it is this term that also generates experiential qualities "e" so that the subjectively experienced flow of time from past to future is an integral part of consciousness. However, this is not the final word on this mystery.

    "We concluded that the one-way flow of time that we observe in our world is attributable, in part, to the existence of all the other matter in the universe." Wheeler.

    Does isolating electrons in hydrophobic cages inside microtubules upset the one-way flow of time in the brain? Remember Level 2 is the one-way influence of quantum information on its Level 1 material beable. Time also flows one-way here. Not so for Level 3 where experiment shows an advanced Wigner action of mind on matter from the future backward in time together with a retarded Wigner reaction experience of willing our free choice in the ordinary way from the past forward in time.

    The advanced Wigner action of future intent is the "future Level 2 cause" of "past Level 1 brain behavior" in Libet's data. This is half of the Level 3 spontaneously sentient self-organizing feedback-control loop between Level 2 mind information and Level 1 brain matter. The other half that closes John Archibald Wheeler's "self excited" sentient circuit is the retarded Wigner reaction "e" (Stapp's experiential quality). This is our subjective experience that we freely willed our conscious choice forward in time! This is the operational meaning of my equation

    Advanced Wigner action + Retarded Wigner reaction = 0 (1a)

    This explains normal everyday morally responsible conscious choices which are experienced forward in time, but according to Libet (and Penrose) involve a backward in time influence. My post-quantum theory explains this very well.

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