Re: Some Saudi Schools Teach Students to Hate the U.S., Love Osama

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Date: Fri 13 Dec 2002 - 05:39:17 GMT

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    >In Praise of Bin Laden
    >Some Saudi Schools Teach Students to Hate the U.S., Love Osama
    >Reporter's Notebook
    >By Jim Sciutto
    >Dec. 10
    > The Saudi government insists religious extremism is not sanctioned
    >in the kingdom, and that it's not taught in schools. But it is easy to find
    >teachers who speak out against the United States with a surprisingly
    >deep hatred a sentiment many are passing on to their students.

    This is a perfect example of what I have been talking about Joe. They think that you are evil and you think that they are. What I am suggesting is that you both speak from the perspective of your own meme-team and therefore find it impossible to see the validity of the other's perspective. The problem, when communicating with myopic fundies of any denomination, is that each example discussed is treated as an attack on the meme-team's territory. It is therefore stoutly defended. As an example of this (not an attack on USAnia Joe) is that you intimate that revenge killing is evidence of evidence of the badness of
    'Islamofacists', yet you accept that some civilians will be casualties of a US lead 'war on terror' (an oxymoron). Oh BTW Japanese schools have just recently included some negative reports on the subject of WW2 and the invasion of China, Australian schools have recently included Aboriginal massacres, some USAnian schools teach creationism. Tell me Joe, are there any teachers in the US who have a hatred of Arabs, or who would infect children with other damaging memes. What I want to find out is, is there a difference between someone who hates Islam and someone who hates the US, and is the difference 'real' or memetic. Cheers Jeremy

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