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Date: Wed 11 Dec 2002 - 05:43:42 GMT

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    > writes:
    > [veridicus3] Don’t be ridiculous. So you are suggesting that the
    > shoe bomber was motivated out of a deep love and compassion for his
    > fellow human beings? Quite the opposite! The shoe bomber acted out of
    > hate and ignorance, nothing less. Your statement reveals your profound
    > ignorance of the values that most religion exists to propagate and
    > exposes the severely stereotypical attitude that you approach the
    > subject with.
    > [Jake] I would suggest that the shoe bomber was motivated out of a
    > deep love of an "Us" mirrored by a deep hatred of a "Them", as these
    > things so often are. I would also suggest that basic human morality
    > and decency is completely, let me repeat that, completely independent
    > and prior to religion. Religion did not create these things, but
    > rather parrot them back to people, things they intuitively know
    > without religion anyway, and then claims that people need religion in
    > order to have these things in the first place. We do not need religion
    > to propagate values, but rather religion memetically has a need to
    > steal values for itself in order for it to propagate. It is an amazing
    > little piece of evolved parasitic memetics at work. Of course isnt'
    > that what marketing in general is about? convincing people that they
    > need things which they in fact probably do not?
    > Love,
    > -Jake

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