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From: Ray Recchia (
Date: Wed 11 Dec 2002 - 02:03:33 GMT

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    > Greetings fellow list members,
    > I have been following this list for a short time and have enjoyed the
    > topics
    > and banter.
    > I have read almost all of the books on the subject of memetics and a
    > good 1/2
    > dozen of Dawkins' books as well but alas I still have a quandary.
    > I hold a MS in Graphic Media, which is equal to being the devil of
    > marketing.
    > So I have been using memes for many years now, maybe you've seen some
    > of my
    > stuff "Hanes Her Way", Victoria's Secret direct mailing and various
    > other
    > instruments of deception. I am retired now, and plan to go back to
    > school
    > for...
    > Well, now you see my quandary. I live in Chicago and want to study
    > memetics
    > but I feel sure that there is not a a program for this so I humbly ask
    > for
    > your input on what direction I should take. I am leaning towards a
    > Masters in
    > Biology with a minor in Sociology.
    > I thank you all in advance and look forward to your responses.
    > William T Shehan IV

    Sounds good. I'm not sure what kinds of programs are in Chicago. In my neck of the woods David Sloan Wilson at Binghamton State appears to be doing some memetics related research.

    Ray Recchia

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