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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Tue 10 Dec 2002 - 09:24:03 GMT

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    >> As for the crocs Steve, their numbers were in decline but are now becoming
    >> a bit of a nusence in some areas. But, as yet, there are no decernable
    >> signs that they have recommenced the evolution process
    >Query? Were they in decline because they were being hunted by us? And were
    >they made a protected species by us? Ie their environment changed and they
    >began to decline. Their environment changed again and they began to prosper
    >again. Sounds like evolution to me :-)

    Yes, the fertility control was not 100% effective - but few are. Yes, crocs were nearly hunted to extinction for handbags and shoes. Yes, we acted to protect them. No, small changes in their environment, such as we have made, have not effected them much. In the past 50,000,000 years crocodiles have survived many environmental changes far greater than the impact of humans but they remain unchanged. They were here with the dinosaurs and they well may be here after humans become extinct. Jeremy

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