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    >> Edward Said, Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky are equally ubiquitous.
    > really? to whom? chomsky's bar far the most "popular" and he was shut out of
    > the NY Times for years and his books, until recently, were published in the
    > many small (read: unavailable in major bookstores) presses. most americans
    > probably couldn't tell you about fisk or said.
    > neither of these men have television shows. neither of these is available
    > for mass consumption...unless you consider academic books about the middle
    > east to be mass consumption.
    > you're comparing people like rush limbaugh and o'reilly to people whose work
    > is made available mostly to academics.
    > therefore, the ability for the three "ubiquitous lefties" to be contagious
    > is limited. in fact, you might say the left is quarantined to live in
    > offices on some college campuses.
    > alfred

    George Monbiot of the Guardian (UK paper) produces some very good left wing reason arguments. The column is on Tuesdays. Not exactly mainstream publishing, but he does reach a comparitively wide audience in the UK.



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