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Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 23:17:35 GMT

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    > > Edward Said, Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky are equally ubiquitous.
    >really? to whom? chomsky's bar far the most "popular" and he was shut out
    >the NY Times for years and his books, until recently, were published in the
    >many small (read: unavailable in major bookstores) presses. most americans
    >probably couldn't tell you about fisk or said.
    Some of Ed Said and Noam Chomsky's books are available at my local Barnes and Noble. If not on the shelf they could (unless out of print or for some other reason not in stock) be ordered and obtained within a relatively short time. They're probably not ubiquitous (whatever that means) but still available.
    >neither of these men have television shows. neither of these is available
    >for mass consumption...unless you consider academic books about the middle
    >east to be mass consumption.
    There's a satellite network called World Link TV which I've seen Chomsky on a couple times. Other than that, I've noticed a Chomsky shortage on local and satellite (or cable) stations.
    >you're comparing people like rush limbaugh and o'reilly to people whose
    >is made available mostly to academics.
    I've had about enough of O'Reilly already. I've had quite enough of Fox"News" already and I'm not even leftist.

    I think Chomsky should be given a network show in which he linguistically analyzes the Limbaugh and O'Reilly shows of the previous day. That would be cool.
    >therefore, the ability for the three "ubiquitous lefties" to be contagious
    >is limited. in fact, you might say the left is quarantined to live in
    >offices on some college campuses.
    Too bad Limbaugh and O'Reilly don't suffer the same fate.

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