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From: Wade Smith (
Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 20:26:40 GMT

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    On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 02:39 PM, A and B Vitale wrote:

    > therefore:
    > LEFT=ideas that have no associated, successful institutions;
    > inability to
    > achieve popular support because it is excluded from the media
    > (examples:
    > nader excluded from debates, moore's books kept out of certain
    > bookstores,
    > NPR still dominated by the non-left)

    Again, here in the People's Republik, I am surrounded by institutions with popular support that are quite left-leaning, and there is still a communist bookstore here, as well as gay and a lesbian ones.

    > NON-LEFT=ideas that are prevalent in culture and supported by
    > successful
    > institutions; popularly supported because it has the support of
    > the media
    > (examples: most talk shows on radio and tv)

    These non-left ideas are precisely the ones excoriated hereabouts. Check out any local newspaper or election.

    > i think the notion that "the Left is quite readily heard" should be
    > qualified with "if you can wrestle yourself away from almost all public
    > media."

    And yet again, the left is not only quite readily heard here, it is almost the only voice one hears here, in all the public media. Then again, I read the Voice with some regularity, and not the Des Moines Register.

    Location, location, location....

    > it's those "normal americans" who
    > become lefties that scare the non-left...

    I suppose that is similar to most anti-gay sentiment, as well.

    But, the core of your argument is the 'anti' sentiment, and, yes, I agree with Joe- the 'anti' rhetoric is pretty equally heard, since those with anger tend to be loud.

    - Wade

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